Ceramah Umum/Talk – “Why Islam is My Choice” oleh/by Bro. Teshite Robe (8 November 2012)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,  

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With the mercy of Allah, a talk entitled “Why Islam is My Choice” will be delivered by Brother Teshite Robe, Coordinator for Non-Arab African Communities of Fanar. He will share his experience converting from a life as an Ethiopian Orthodox to a Christian Protestant, and finally as a revert to Islam. He holds a BA in Development Management.

The program is as follows:

Date: Thursday, 8 November 2012
Location: Club House, Palm City Garden, Al-Waab, Doha (GPS Coordinates N25 15.253’ E051 27.808’)
Time: 7pm, After solat Isyak (it is recommended to solat at the masjid outside of Gate 2)

For more information please refer to the attached flyer.

This talk is organised by Usrah Ali of the Malaysian community in Doha and will be delivered in English. The talk is free for all attendees. It is funded by charity. Light dinner will be served before the start of the talk.

Jazakumullah khairan kathira
for Usrah Ali Committee  Image


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